Wisdom, Grit, Elephants & more SocDoc titles at Doc NYC

October 17, 2018
Wisdom, Grit, Elephants & more SocDoc titles at Doc NYC
Fall begins and we’re excited to find some of our alumni and faculty’s new films at Doc NYC this year! Come and join us to watch some amazing films - grab some friends!

SocDoc Doc U Showcase! - Fri Nov 9, 2018, 5:00 PM | IFC Center
SVA SocDoc’s annual showcase of student works includes: BIRD (USA, 9 min., Kate Fisher) profiles a Brooklyn, New York native who has found companionship since childhood in an unlikely creature. Sagacious Guyana-born BOB MAN (USA, 8 min., Olivia Garzon), spend his days making African Crowns as the fastest crocheter in Prospect Park. A father and his overseas daughter have video call conversations about death and beyond in THE CALLING (USA, 9 min., Padcha Ithijarukul). In DRESSED TO FIGHT (USA, 7 min., Naijie Wang), a Chinese law school student in Harlem combats sexism and cyberbullying by making videos about diversity in fashion and beauty. IN THE RIGHT FRAME OF MIND (USA, 8 min., Veronique Engel) profiles the framemakers of Quebracho in Bushwick, who work with the best museums worldwide to marry a painting and its frame. In New York City’s Chinatown, an old Chinese immigrant practices the age-old art of hand-pulling noodles in NOODLE SOUL (USA, 5 min., Hong Shanjia). ON TRACK (USA, 8 min., Yunhong Pu) provides a tour of Bruce Zaccagnino’s obsession—Northlandz, the world’s biggest model railroad.

A LITTLE WISDOM - an intimately observed portrait of orphaned monks living in an isolated monastery in Lumbini, Nepal.
Sat Nov 10, 2018, 4:30 PM | IFC Center
Yuqi Kang (class of 2017) Directed, Produced, Edited and DP’d the film. Her crew includes DP and co-producer Amitabh Joshi (class of 2014; faculty); DP Paola Ochoa (2015); faculty Maro Chermayeff (Producer), Alan Berliner (story consultant), and Donna Shepherd (editing consultant). Little Wisdom is Yuqi's thesis film.

GRIT - which sees the evolution of a young activist fighting for reparations 10 years after an industrial accident in Indonesia.
Sun Nov 11, 2018, 5:15 PM | Cinepolis Chelsea
Thu Nov 15, 2018, 12:45 PM | IFC Center
Sasha Friedlander (Class of 2011) directs and edits the film, which is co-directed by Oscar-winner Cynthia Wade. Axel Baumann (faculty) and Bao Nguyen (2011) are cinematographers for the film.

ELEPHANT PATH/NJAIA NJOKU - In the forests of the Central African Republic, one of the last wild herds of elephants struggles for survival.
Wed Nov 14, 2018, 5:30 PM | Cinepolis Chelsea
Thu Nov 15, 2018, 12:30 PM | IFC Center
Todd McGrain (Class of 2014) directs, produces, edits; Natalie Ruiz Tofano (2014) produces; Victor Ilyuhkin (2014) co-produces; Sarah Khaki (2012) edits

Also Screening:
CRIME + PUNISHMENT - Directed by Stephen Maing; David Osit (Class of 2011) is consulting editor
HARVEST SEASON - directed by former SocDoc faculty Bernardo Ruiz, associate produced by Andrea Cordoba (class of 2018)
LADY PARTS JUSTICE IN THE NEW WORLD ORDER - directed by Ruth Leitman; Jenni Morello (Class of 2011) is cinematographer.
STILL PLAYS WITH TRAINS - directed by Ross Kaufman (faculty)
TEDDY PENDERGRASS: IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME - sound by Mark Mandler (faculty)
JANE FONDA IN FIVE ACTS - additional sound by Mark Mandler

And, our faculty are lending their expertise to many DOC NYC PRO panels --
Series Focus: Develop Your Series - Nov. 9, 10:45am - with Maro Chermayeff (Department Chair)
Discovery Showcase: Taken By the Tiger - Nov. 10, 10:45am - featuring director Ross Kauffman (faculty)
Mastering Your Craft: Cinematography “Make Your Interviews Pop” - Nov 11 - 2:00PM-3:10PM w/ cinematographer Tom Hurwitz, ASC (faculty) .Tom's new film is also participating in the Only In NY meetings. 
Make Your Career: Jumpstarting Sustainability - Nov. 15, 10:30am - with producer Beth Levison (faculty)
PLUS - alumni participate in the Pitch Perfect day talking up their works in progress: Erik Spink & Amitabh Joshi (alumni & faculty) with HART ISLAND, Chelsi Bullard (2017) with her thesis KIDS CAN SPIT.