Summer Residency: The Art of the Documentary Interview

February 14, 2018
Summer Residency: The Art of the Documentary Interview

We are launching our first summer intensive - a two-week ‘Mini-SocDoc’ for emerging filmmakers to polish their skills as directors. We encourage participants to have some filmmaking skills, but you do not need to be experienced. You mostly need your good ideas!

SocDoc Summer Residency: The Art of the Documentary Interview
June 11-22, 2018, Monday-Friday
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This intensive, hands-on workshop offers participants an opportunity to sharpen their documentary directing skills, learn professional techniques for camera, lighting and sound, and better understand the mechanics of editing a scene for the greatest impact. Students will create two interview-based short documentaries in the two weeks of the program, challenging themselves to conduct thoughtful, evocative interviews, and to work quickly - giving their skills a turbo charge.

Masterclasses with filmmakers working at the top of the documentary field as well as hands-on labs on the streets of the city complement the independent work. Together these elements form an intense program encouraging creativity, learning and progress. Work-in-progress screenings allow for filmmakers to receive critique from faculty and their peers. Guest filmmakers show their contemporary documentaries and give in-depth Q&As, designed to give further insight into the experiences of a working filmmaker.  The Summer Intensive concludes with a final public screening event of each student’s best film.

Filmmakers work within our MFA Social Documentary Film department in NYC. The department provides participants have access to industry-level equipment, including  HD cameras, microphones, recorders and lighting. Filmmakers will be provided access to edit facilities, as well the department voice over booth. 

Workshops will be led by SocDoc Faculty which includes director Deborah Dickson (Oscar nominee Lalee’s Kin); cinematographers Tom Hurwitz, ASC (Sundance winner, Queen of Versailles) and Bob Richman (Emmy winner, Paradise Lost); and editor Ann Collins (Netflix’s Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold).

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions!