SocDoc Takes Over PBS this Fall!

November 10, 2016
SocDoc Takes Over PBS this Fall!

Well, not officially, but several alumni and our fearless leader’s works will air on PBS, PBS’ POV and PBS World in the coming weeks.

BEYOND BORDERS: Undocumented Mexican-Americans examines US policy decisions that triggered the rise of undocumented immigration in a deeply moving documentary program that explores the under-reported lives of Mexicans living and raising families in the United States. The film is directed by SocDoc faculty Micah Fink with cinematography by Tom Hurwitz, ASC, and field producer Raul Paz Pastrana (SocDoc 2012) and airs on PBS around the US through Election Day. In New York City, it airs on WNET 13 on Saturday, Oct. 22 at 1pm.

Thank You for Playing, premiering on POV Oct. 24, 2016 by award-winning filmmakers, David Osit (alumni) and Malika Zouhali-Worrall, follows a father of three as he creates a video game called “That Dragon Cancer” about his toddler with terminal cancer. The film captures the emotional journey of a family as they cope with the unimaginable. For filmmakers David Osit and Malika Zouhali-Worrall, Thank You for Playing is an opportunity to challenge people to reexamine their own assumptions about bereavement, technology and video games. “We wanted to transcend the simple narrative of a family dealing with cancer, and instead examine the ways we handle grief, and the beauty and hope that can be found in art,” they say. “We saw how many people were profoundly moved by Ryan’s game, and how playing it often facilitated more, rather than less, social interaction. The fact that a video game was capable of awakening this sort of empathy astounded us, and we soon realized that Ryan isn’t only a developer, he’s also an artist — and programming is his paintbrush.” Check local listings for the exact time and channel.



Tashi’s Turbine, premiering on PBS World November 13, 2016 is a character driven film directed by Amitabh Joshi, and produced by Erik Spink, both current faculty and SocDoc alumni (2013). This documentary illustrates the impact of one man’s dream for light, in a village waiting for development. Tashi Bista dreams to install a makeshift wind turbine in Namdok, a remote village nestled high amongst the Himalayas of Nepal. Namdok, battered by wind and cold, has been in darkness for centuries. With very limited resources, he is determined to bring lights to Namdok in an effort to prove himself to the skeptical village community. Stream the premiere of TASHI’S TURBINE via WORLD Channel’s Facebook this Sunday, November 13th at 10/9c. Joining us will be filmmaker Amitabha Joshi and special guest Tashi Bista — they’ll be answering your questions throughout the live stream.

TASHI’S TURBINE is a Vacant Light production. The film is funded by the Center for Asian American Media, through support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Music by award-winning director and SocDoc chair Maro Chermeyeff and co-director Jeff Dupre airs on PBS weekdays November 14-23 10/9c. This eight-part series explores the art of music recording, and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of brand new sounds. Featuring more than 160 original interviews with some of the most celebrated recording artists of all time. Soundbreaking explores the nexus of cutting-edge technology and human artistry that has created the soundtrack of our lives. The series also features the work of SocDoc faculty Amy Schewel (producer), E. Donna Shepherd (editor), Samuel D. Pollard (producer & editor) and n(cinematographer).