Fall Weekend Workshops

October 02, 2018
Fall Weekend Workshops
We've got three weekend workshops coming up in the Fall to help you brush up on your camera & sound skills and perfect your budget. Maybe you're just starting out and need the basics, or you are more experienced and want a refresher - these small classes strive to provide targeted and hands-on approaches to the work, customized to your skill levels. 

Documentary Camera and Sound Intensive Oct. 13-14
Instructors: Erik Spink and Amitabh Joshi (filmmakers, Tashi's Turbine)
This class explores cinematography, sound and the cinematic language, and gives hands-on access to the current technology used in creating documentary film. Students will learn the principles of photography, exposure and composition; receive an introduction to documentary lighting and sound techniques; and participate in group exercises that focus on using camera and sound collaboratively. Students will complete the workshop with improved camera and sound skills that can be applied to their own films and future jobs. 

Documentary Sound Workshop Oct. 27-28
Instructor: JT Takagi, Sound Recordist (Strong Island, Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution)
An introductory workshop on sound recording for film/video production. It will cover the how and why of sound, acoustics and human hearing, microphone types, recorders and mixers. We'll discuss how documentary and dramatic sound is recorded, and cover the "must have" gear.

Creating a Budget for Documentary Film: Nov 3-4
Instructor: Julie Anderson, producer (WNET's "The Talk", "The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross with Henry Louis Gates, Jr."
Some producers say the budget is the whole film. It shows the crew & equipment you plan to use, production travel, archival material, original music, and/or special effects, how long you will film and edit, and the entire scope of your production. In this workshop, you will create a high, medium and low cost budget, using your own film, or a film treatment provided, we will address where numbers can be trimmed and where to target for additional funds. This workshop is ideal for emerging filmmakers, and those preparing to apply for grants and other support for a film project. 

Register for these classes at the links above. Get in touch with any questions about the classes.