Camera, Sound & Budgeting Winter Weekend Workshops

January 15, 2020
Camera, Sound & Budgeting Winter Weekend Workshops
Interested in improving your documentary skills? Here are five workshops which can give you a whole range of skills to explore the wonderland of documentary. Whatever your professional background, these small classes will provide targeted and hands-on approaches to documentary practices based on your own level. Seize the chance and register soon! Discounts available for SVA Alumni and for military veterans.
Documentary Filmmaking Intensive: The One-Person Crew
February 01-02
10:00AM - 4:00PM
Instructor: Erik Spink and Amitabh Joshi (filmmakers, Tashi's Turbine)
This introductory-level workshop will cover technical solutions for working as a one-person crew, including basic video and audio techniques, production scenario case studies, and short exercises to simulate documentary scenarios. Students use professional equipment and gain feedback on their practice, which can advance your own films and future jobs.
Documentary Sound Workshop
February 08-09
10:00AM - 3:00PM
Instructor: J.T. Takagi, Sound recordist (Strong Island, Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution)
This is an introductory workshop on sound recording for film/video production. It will cover the how and why of sound, acoustics and human hearing, microphone types, recorders and mixers. We'll discuss how documentary and dramatic sound is recorded, and cover the "must have" gear. Students will be introduced to boom operation, using lavaliers and wireless microphones, and best practices. The workshop will involve a great deal of hands-on activity using industry-standard sound equipment, including the Zoom Recorder and 633 mixer, as well as camera gear. Students will come away with an understanding of the field, as well as the skills and techniques to apply to film productions, podcasts, music, and other audio work. Beginners and emerging recordists welcome.
Introduction to The Documentary Interview
March 14-15
10:00AM - 4:00PM
Instructor: Erik Spink and Amitabh Joshi (filmmakers, Tashi's Turbine)
This class will introduce the uniqueness of a documentary interview for a one or two person crew. It will focus on strategies for producing, conducting, lighting, recording sound, and filming documentary interviews. We will give each student the opportunity to conduct an interview and we will also bring you out to an off-site location to practice. Professional-level cameras and sound recording equipment will be used. Students will complete the workshop with improved documentary directing and film production skills that can be applied to their own films and future jobs.

Documentary Film Budgeting
March 28 & April 04
10:00AM - 4:00PM
Instructor: Julie Anderson, producer, development executive
The budget documents what kind of story you will tell, the crew you plan to use, what equipment you've selected, and if there will be travel, archival material, original music, and/or special effects. In this workshop, you will create three budgets for one project: high, medium and low cost. Using your own film, or a film treatment provided, we will address where numbers can be trimmed and where to target for additional funds. This workshop is ideal for emerging filmmakers, those preparing to apply for grants and other support for a film project.
Documentary Filmmaking Summer Intensive
Monday-Friday, June 1–16, 2020
This two-week summer intensive offers participants an opportunity to sharpen their documentary directing skills, learn professional techniques for camera, lighting and sound, and better understand the mechanics of editing a scene for the greatest impact. Participants create interview-based short documentaries during the program, challenging themselves to conduct thoughtful, evocative interviews, and to work quickly, giving their skills a turbo charge. Workshops with filmmakers working at the top of the documentary field and hands-on labs on the streets of the city complement independent work. Students are given access to cameras and edit facilities throughout the workshop, in addition to a network of peer collaborators and industry mentors.  Undergraduate studio credit is available for this workshop upon request.