Alumni Interview: Siyan & Danni

February 16, 2017
Alumni Interview: Siyan & Danni
While in search of the perfect subjects for their film,  Siyan Liu and Danni Wang (SocDoc class of 2015) worked in a low-wage factory in Dongguan-- the manufacturing hub and inadvertent sex capital of China. There, they met line workers Jolin and Yun who became the subjects of their thesis film, Factory Girls.

The film explores the worlds of two women struggling with life in China. Yun, a young mother, wants to escape the crushing drudgery of factory work by starting her own business; while Jolin who dreams of becoming an actress, instead works in the sex industry.  Siyan and Danni graduated from SocDoc in 2015.

Since completing the program, Siyan and Danni have received support from Chicken and Egg Diversity Fellows Initiative.

Meet Siyan and Danni!

Alumni Interview: Danni & Siyan from MFA SocDoc on Vimeo.